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When I began writing "WIRED" my wife and I lived in Chattanooga on Signal Mountain. Then we moved to Florida, later to North Carolina, and then back to Florida. From the book’s start to finish, we moved seven times in the pursuit of dreams and making a living. In the course of all this, I plugged away on my novel an hour here and an hour there whenever I could find the time, mostly in the wee hours of the morning before work.

"WIRED" and "TAKEN & AFRAID" are works of fiction. However, the Mexican drug cartel known as the ‘Los Zetas’ are factual with safe houses in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. The DEA ranks the Los Zetas as the most deadly and diverse transnational criminal organization in Latin America, classifying them as the Coca-Cola of the drug underworld.

I would like to dedicate my books to my friends and family out there (you know who you are) and to my former SEA-TOW pals. I also want to thank my wife, Kathy, for the time spent as a "writer's widow" while I pecked away on my books and screenplays. 

I hope you enjoy “WIRED” and its sequel "TAKEN & AFRAID."
Ron is a native of Louisville, KY (correctly pronounced LOU-A-VULL) who now resides on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He formerly owned and operated a Tampa Bay boat towing business called SEA-TOW, where he worked hand-in-hand with the Coast Guard during oil spills and rescuing stranded boaters. It was the product of his experiences there that inspired his first novel "WIRED".
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